About Port Nikau

The Port Nikau Development represents over a decade of planning, with the vision to create a new way of living for Whangārei. The development represents 100 hectares of residential, commercial and marine opportunities, which will come to life in the next 5-10 years.


Port Nikau will become Whangārei’s inspired urban waterfront community, designed for the future and offering a new way of living.


Port Nikau is uniquely positioned out into Whangārei Harbour to create genuine waterfront living and harbourside opportunities for businesses.

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We’ve put together information to help boat crews from around the world make the most of their time here in Whangārei.

Formerly home to the city’s port, Port Nikau is now ready and waiting to be revitalised. Port Nikau will support the region’s economic development by meeting community demand for high quality social urban living; inner-city green spaces; community facilities for walking and cycling; retirement residences; and retail and commercial activity, including a marine precinct and access for residents to the beautiful Whangārei Harbour. Port Nikau represents 100 hectares of freehold development, with over four kilometres of coastline, access to deep water and close proximity to arterial routes, amenities and facilities.


Port Nikau is the long term vision of two committed, passionate business partners wanting to make Whangārei a better place to live.

Selling Now

A rare opportunity to acquire a strategic commercial land holding on Port Road that will ultimately be Gateway sites into the Port Nikau development.

Planning and Consents

The Port Nikau Development Area (PNDA) is a bespoke zone in the Whangārei District Plan, as defined by the National Planning Standards.

Master Plan

In late 2021 the Master Plan for Port Nikau was finalised, highlighting the key development stages and a detailed breakdown of the 100 hectare development.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Port Nikau?

    Formerly home to Whangārei’s city port, Port Nikau represents 100 hectares of freehold development in the heart of Whangārei, Northland, New Zealand. With over four kilometres of coastline, access to deep water and close proximity to arterial routes, amenities and facilities, Port Nikau is uniquely positioned out into the Whangārei Harbour, creating genuine waterfront living and harbourside opportunities. Click here for a map of the area.

  • How close is Port Nikau to the city and key amenities?

    Port Nikau is situated in central Whangārei, with primary, intermediate, secondary and tertiary institutions all within five kilometres. The nearest supermarket and shopping centre is less than three kilometres away and it is just nine kilometres from Whangārei Airport and five kilometres from Whangārei Hospital. 

  • Is Port Nikau easy to access?

    Yes. Port Nikau is less than five kilometres off State Highway 1 and less than four kilometres to Whangārei’s CBD. It’s just nine kilometres by road from Whangārei Airport and can also easily be accessed by boat from Onerahi and Limestone Island, with deep water marine facilities available.

  • Can you cycle to the central city from Port Nikau?

    Yes, it’s an easy flat ride into Whangārei city, taking 10-15 minutes. The Port Road bridge has recently been upgraded to allow a bike path to the central city, making the journey safer and easier. Port Road connects to the Town Basin, Hatea Loop and a shared cycleway to Onerahi via the Waimahanga Track.

  • Is Port Nikau built on reclaimed land?

    Yes, much of the Whangārei CBD and lower Port Road area is built on land reclaimed by the Harbour Board in the 1960s. The land has had over 60 years to settle and consolidate. All buildings and developments are preceded by in-depth engineering investigations and solutions to ensure appropriate ground conditions – and council engineering standards – can be met for the planned residential and/or commercial investments.

  • How will the development be affected by climate change?

    Port Nikau subdivisions are designed according to the latest climate change and flood management recommendations from the Northland Regional Council and Whangārei District Council. Recommendations meet engineering best practice standards and are designed to allow for a 100-year sea level rise event.

  • What was the consultation process for this development?

    Public Consultation commenced with the Port Nikau Private Plan Change in 2010 which amended the zone from Industrial to Mixed Use. The Plan Change was approved after extensive public consultation including with neighbouring landowners, iwi, community and other stakeholders. In 2022 the Whangārei District Council rolling 10-year review triggered a second council-led public process which resulted in the current Port Nikau Development Area.

  • Is extra housing needed in Whangārei?

    In 2021, the Whangārei District Council adopted a new growth strategy which outlines forecast growth of 45% in the next 30 years, taking the district’s population to 145,000 in 2050. The Port Nikau development will help to meet this future demand for housing, with a varied range of lot sizes and building types, including 2, 3 and 4-bedroom standalone houses, terraced houses, apartments and even home and office buildings so residents can choose a way of life that best suits them.

  • What is urban design and why is it important?

    The Port Nikau Development Master Plan has been carefully created over the last 15 years with inspiration taken from other successful port and waterfront developments around the world and guided by the Urban Design Protocol. The long-term vision is to build a new ‘village’ offering a sustainable and livable destination in Whangārei city’s first urban waterfront community.

  • What are the marina facilities like?

    Port Nikau is home to a deep-water marina, with 13m-18m berths available, as well as 670 metres of commercial wharf space available for short and long-term berthage. This is suitable for fishing boats, large commercial boats, tugs, workboats and charter vessels, and accommodates boats up to 8-metre draft. A dedicated superyacht pontoon provides for superyachts up to 90m LOA. 24 extra marina berths was added in 2022 at our new Pier B Marina. A marine fuel stop and boat ramp are available. Find out more about our Marine Facilities here.

  • What is the timeline for the full Port Nikau development?

    Large-scale development is planned for Port Nikau in the next five to ten years. In late 2021 the Master Plan for Port Nikau was finalised, highlighting the key development stages and a detailed breakdown of the features of the 100-hectare development.

    Construction of the Pier B Marina was completed in September 2022 and construction for Stage 1A Residential Sections started.

    Construction of Logyard Road West Commercial Development and the Pier C Marina will take place in 2023-24, and Stage 1B Residential Sections and Waterfront Apartments in 2024-25.

  • What are the types of houses being built?

    The entire Port Nikau development includes plans for over 1,200 dwellings. The full 55-hectare housing development is fully designed and consists of a wide and varied range of lot sizes and building typologies, so residents can choose a way of life that best suits them. Building typologies include 2, 3 and 4-bedroom standalone houses, terraced houses, apartments and mixed-use home/office type buildings.

  • What does living in Whangārei offer?

    Whangārei is a small city with a great deal to offer both its residents and visitors, within just a short drive or bike ride from Port Nikau. There is a wide variety of places to eat and enjoy the beautiful natural environment. Explore Whangārei here and find out more about what it is on offer.

Port Nikau News

February 22, 2023

Port Nikau: A Waterfront Community in the Heart of the City

The future of residential development looks vastly different to that of 10 or even 20 years ago. The days of the quarter acre residential section are evolving, as access to land becomes more difficult and people are choosing to live in more sustainable, connected communities where resources, such as green spaces, can be shared, rather …

December 23, 2021

Port Nikau Masterplan with Construkt

Urban planning company Construkt has partnered with Reyburn & Bryant to perfect and produce a Masterplan for the new Port Nikau development, which the Whangārei District Council has given the go-ahead. The plan will eventually provide over 1,200 homes adjacent to a harbour-side town centre, in the 67ha of former port land to create genuine …

Tony Davies-Colley and wife Clare hold plans for a massive development at Port Nikau

March 23, 2018

Port Nikau to be transformed

Plans are in progress for a massive 88-hectare development in Whangārei, including the construction of more than 500 homes to cater for the region’s population boom. The Whangarei District Council last year approved the Port Nikau Environment Master Plan submitted by Port Nikau Joint Venture Partners, co-owned by Tony and Clare Davies-Colley. After the first …