Port Nikau
Port Nikau: The Vision
Port Nikau will become Whangarei’s inspired urban waterfront community, designed for the future and offering a new way of living, with high quality waterfront residential accommodation and commercial opportunities.
A new way of living

Today, when so much of our environment is already defined and established, there are very few opportunities to design a new space, a new way of living, and a new community, incorporating a range of high quality urban living options, a marina and a village centre and commercial precinct to support Northland’s growing regional economy. Port Nikau is a new community that will grow from within, and for, our city and our region.

The Masterplan

Seeking inspiration from around the world, Port Nikau has designed a Masterplan for the development that will include quality residential precincts, village centre, entertainment and recreational areas and business and commercial precincts, all guided by the Urban Design Protocol to create quality urban design. Port Nikau will support the region’s economic development by meeting community demand for high quality social urban living; inner city green spaces; community facilities for walking and cycling; retirement residences; and retail and commercial activity, including a marine precinct.

Project Partners

Port Nikau is the long term vision of a group of committed, passionate business people wanting to make Whangarei a better place to live. Ten years ago, the group saw an opportunity to purchase land that would become integral to the successful and sustainable economic growth and development of Whangarei and Northland. Port Nikau offered an opportunity to open up access to the beautiful Whangarei Harbour, directly connecting Whangarei’s city with its wonderful coastal environment.

Over the last decade, the group has worked hard to support and manage existing commercial interests in Port Nikau, with a particular focus on strengthening marine facilities.
Seeking inspiration from around the world, the group has now designed a Masterplan for the development that will transform Port Nikau from the city’s industrial backbone to a modern, sustainable, urban harbourside community to meet the needs of the city and the region today, and in the future. The Heatley and Davies-Colley families, are creating a genuine opportunity for the future growth and success of Whangarei, opening up the inner harbour and its beauty for all to enjoy and offering a new way of living.