Port Nikau Master Plan

Large scale development is planned for Port Nikau in the next five years, with the first stage of residential housing underway. This will be followed by the development and construction of Stage 2 residential sections and waterfront apartments.

In late 2021 the Master Plan for Port Nikau was finalised, highlighting the key development stages and a detailed breakdown of the features of the 100 hectare development.

Construction of the Pier B Marina was completed in September 2022. Construction of Pier C and construction for Stage 1A Residential Sections is now underway.

Once Stage 1A is complete, construction of Logyard Road West Commercial Development will take place, followed by Stage 1B Residential Sections and Waterfront Apartments.

A new way of living

Port Nikau is a bespoke urban community influenced by the latest urban design and building trends worldwide. The entire Port Nikau development includes plans for over 1,200 dwellings plus a town centre with 6,000m2 retail, hospitality and commercial activities. The full 55-hectare housing development is fully designed and consists of a wide and varied range of lot sizes and building typologies, so residents can choose a way of life that best suits them. Building typologies include 2, 3 and 4-bedroom standalone houses, terraced houses, apartments and mixed-use home/office type buildings.

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Port Nikau News

February 22, 2023

Port Nikau: A Waterfront Community in the Heart of the City

The future of residential development looks vastly different to that of 10 or even 20 years ago. The days of the quarter acre residential section are evolving, as access to land becomes more difficult and people are choosing to live in more sustainable, connected communities where resources, such as green spaces, can be shared, rather …

December 23, 2021

Port Nikau Masterplan with Construkt

Urban planning company Construkt has partnered with Reyburn & Bryant to perfect and produce a Masterplan for the new Port Nikau development, which the Whangārei District Council has given the go-ahead. The plan will eventually provide over 1,200 homes adjacent to a harbour-side town centre, in the 67ha of former port land to create genuine …

Tony Davies-Colley and wife Clare hold plans for a massive development at Port Nikau

March 23, 2018

Port Nikau to be transformed

Plans are in progress for a massive 88-hectare development in Whangārei, including the construction of more than 500 homes to cater for the region’s population boom. The Whangarei District Council last year approved the Port Nikau Environment Master Plan submitted by Port Nikau Joint Venture Partners, co-owned by Tony and Clare Davies-Colley. After the first …