Port Nikau Development Area

The Port Nikau Development Area (PNDA) is a bespoke zone in the Whangarei District Plan, a ‘Development Area’ as defined by the National Planning Standards.

Urban Waterfront Environment

The PNDA is a fully developed urban waterfront environment, designed for 1200 homes plus supporting retail, commercial and public open spaces. The PNDA includes a small retail and commercial area designed to provide basic amenities to the local community.  The plans set out the street, pedestrian and open space networks and include building layouts and typologies.

Approved in 2020

Development in accordance with the PNDA plans is a permitted activity (no consent required), except for subdivision which is a controlled activity. The permitted activity status for compliance with the PNDA plans provides certainty for developers, while variations from the plans can still be achieved through the resource consent process.
The PNDA was approved by the Whangarei District Council in 2020.

Port Nikau News

Stunning waterfront opportunity in Whangārei

January 18, 2022

Stunning waterfront commerical opportunities in Whangarei

We are excited to announce the first sections of the wider Port Nikau development is now available for purchase. Waterfront commercial opportunities like this are rarely seen on this scale on the open market with three freehold titles totalling 29,476sqm on Port Road, Whangārei – a stunning location close to Whangarei’s CBD and State Highway …

December 23, 2021

Port Nikau Masterplan with Construkt

Urban planning company Construkt has partnered with Reyburn & Bryant to perfect and produce a Masterplan for the new Port Nikau development, which the Whangārei District Council has given the go-ahead. The plan will eventually provide over 1,200 homes adjacent to a harbour-side town centre, in the 67ha of former port land to create genuine …

December 7, 2021

The future of the New Zealand marine industry

With the arrival of Covid into New Zealand in 2020, the marine industry prepared for choppy waters ahead and a decrease in demand. However, the opposite occurred, with boat sales soaring as lockdown restrictions were lifted. Demand and prices continue to climb as we head into summer 2021. While there is no official data for …