Port Nikau
Unique Commercial and Residential Opportunities
Port Nikau Business Park is classed as Business 4 Environment under the Whangarei District Plan and suits a wide range of business activity, from manufacturing and engineering to wholesale supplies, panel and paint, tradesman’s store and workshop, freight and logistics and warehousing.
Logyard Road

Port Nikau Business Park provides flat, industrial, freehold land to support growth of Whangarei businesses, especially the increasingly busy marine, timber processing and engineering sectors.

Logyard Road is classed as Business 4 Environment under the Whangarei District Plan. This Environment is designed to allow heavy industry to function effectively and allows for most activities but does restrict activities that are sensitive to heavy industry, as outlined in the Business 4 rules set by Council. Retail floor area is restricted to a maximum of 100 square metres, places of assembly are not allowed and discretionary activities (generally not allowed) include residential, care of elderly or the sick and education or care of children.

Logyard Road has been completed and vested in the Whangarei District Council as a public road, and power, fibre, water, sewer and stormwater infrastructure is already in place. On confirmation of a Sale and Purchase Agreement, the vendor will submit the plans to LINZ and request titles to be issued. This process can be completed within six months. This area is now actively being sold, along with a limited number of waterfront sections.

Unique Waterfront Sections

The waterfront sections present a unique opportunity for businesses that want access to water. The vendor has management rights to the water space in front of the Lots which support property owners needing coastal water space consent to operate. This means that subject to consent, property owners could build a jetty, boat ramp or pontoons in front of their land. On the road side, business will have prime road frontage on the main arterial route into Port Nikau.

If your business has any of following requirements, it could be exactly the right fit:
• Access to deep water
• Regular berthing requirements
• Easy vehicle access from Port Road
• Business 4 environment
• Large flat area for workshop or factory

Stage One of Larger Development

Land to the south of Logyard Road is classed as Port Nikau Environment in the Whangarei District Plan. The 89ha Port Nikau Environment is subject to a Masterplan which will allow mixed use developments and Port Nikau is currently collaborating with urban designers to define the unique precincts within the development. The project will include quality residential precincts, village centre, entertainment and recreational areas and business and commercial precincts, all guided by the Urban Design Protocol to create quality urban design. The Masterplan protects the Business Park from direct interface with non-compatible activities. Land to the West of Logyard Road (towards the hills) will be a mixture of Business 4 and Business 2 Environments. The details of the Port Nikau Environment are available on the Whangarei District Council website.

Across the wider development, landscaping is underway, with walking and cycling access to allow the public to enjoy the Port Nikau space available in early 2017. Engineering design of infrastructure, roading and construction of the waterfront development around Port Nikau’s village centre will continue through 2017. It is anticipated that residential construction will get underway in late 2017.