Port Nikau
Unique Commercial and Residential Opportunities
Port Nikau Business Park is a Light Industrial Zone under the Whangarei District Plan and suits a wide range of business activity, from manufacturing and engineering to wholesale supplies, panel and paint, tradesman’s store and workshop, freight and logistics and warehousing.
Port Nikau Development Area

The Port Nikau Development Area (PNDA) was adopted as a zone in the Whangarei District Plan in 2020. PNDA is a fully designed waterfront urban environment that embraces the objectives of the National Policy on Urban Development. The PNDA provides for different housing typologies such as Terrace and Apartments along with traditional standalone housing. The plan includes expansive public open space, water access, a boutique commercial centre within 5 minutes drive to Whangarei CBD.

The first housing development is due to commence construction in 2023.

Port Nikau Development Area Plan

Logyard Road – Port Nikau Business Park

Logyard Road light industrial business area has become an established commercial precinct with warehouses, manufacturing, logistics and engineering some of the examples of businesses operating. The next stage of Logyard Road will be available late 2021 with further expansion, Logyard Road West, due for construction in 2022.