Commercial Land Opportunities

As the Port Nikau development unfolds over the coming years, new opportunities for commercial land opportunities will continue to become available across the development.

Grow Your Business at Port Nikau

Port Nikau is a 100Ha mixed-use development that offers unique opportunities for strategic industrial and commercial businesses. Located in one of the premium commercial zones in Whangārei, Port Nikau has flat sections with excellent proximity to the Whangārei CBD and State Highway One. We have strategically placed commercial landholdings with build-to-lease custom packages available now, in one of the fastest-growing areas in Northland.

Strong Commercial Foundation

Port Nikau has an existing commercial hub centred around Logyard Road, with a range of well-established, high-quality businesses choosing the convenience of Port Nikau’s zoning, location and amenities. Recent investors in the area include major brands CAL Isuzu and LB Collision Repair, which shows strong confidence in the future development of the area. The close proximity to local transport nodes and surrounded by both industrial and residential areas and amenities make for a compelling site to suit a wide range of businesses.

Flexible Commercial and Industrial Land

Port Nikau offers over 25 hectares of prime commercial and industrial-zoned land available for your business to grow. Port Nikau has land located in both Light Industrial and Heavy Industrial zones depending on your business requirements. Port Nikau also offers the opportunity for highly sought-after access to Whangārei Harbour on your doorstep, suited to marine-based industries. Our commercial development team will work with you from the initial stage of planning key infrastructure for your chosen site through to tailoring a custom design to suit your business needs.

Customised Lease Packages

As a new development, Port Nikau offers an opportunity for bespoke, customised lease packages. Lease periods of up to 35 years are available and site areas are flexible to work within your business’s needs. We will work with you to plan, design and build custom infrastructure and facilities to meet your specific requirements for your growing business. We work with a list of highly competent local contractors, from architects and engineers to builders and civil contractors that we know and trust to meet your business’s requirements within our local landscape.

Register Your Interest

We welcome enquiries for commercial build-to-lease options at the Port Nikau development.
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