Port Nikau
Marine Facilities
Port Nikau is perfectly positioned in the heart of Whangarei's marine precinct, with a deep water marina just 12 nautical miles from the Whangarei Harbour entrance and central to all city amenities and services.
Commercial wharf and berthage

Port Nikau is committed to growing and supporting the marine industry in Whangarei, and has capacity now for short and long term options are available for 13m-18m berths. With 670 metres of wharf space, Port Nikau can accommodate a wide range of vessels, including fishing boats, large commercial boats, tugs, work boats and charter vessels. The wharf can easily accommodate boats up to 8m draft.

Marine infrastructure

Whangarei has a strong tradition of boat building and has an extensive range of marine businesses in the area providing services to local and visiting vessels. To support its marine customers, Port Nikau has a marine fuel stop, boat ramp, power and water, and wharf and land space to rent. There are also a large number of other professional companies and talented craftsmen offering the experience and expertise needed for both repairs and refit. Visit the Whangarei Marine Promotions website for a full list of Whangarei-based marine businesses and facilities – www.whangareimarine.co.nz.

Whangarei Marine Biosecurity Charter

This Whangarei Marine Biosecurity Charter is a joint bid to help address an ever-increasing number of marine biosecurity challenges facing Northland. It has been developed by a stakeholder group committed to preventing the transfer of marine pests (in particular Mediterranean fanworm) via vessel hulls. If you’d like to learn more about the Charter, you can read it here.