Port Nikau partners with Sea Cleaners

Port Nikau is proud to partner with Sea Cleaners, by providing Sea Cleaners with its new boat Kaitiaki. The vessel Kaitiaki is a 4.5m Blackdog Cat, built by Blackdog Cat at their Logyard Road, Port Nikau workshop.
The work Sea Cleaners does in Whangarei Harbour and beyond will help us keep the Whangarei Harbour clear of rubbish and seems like a perfect way for Port Nikau to contribute to a great cause.

Port Nikau
Who are Sea Cleaners?

Sea Cleaners are a NZ Charitable Trust who, with help from volunteers and sponsors, remove rubbish from our precious waterways – harbours, estuaries, beaches and coastline. You can read more about the good work of Sea Cleaners on their website or on Facebook.